went to see the doc today and was sitting waiting out in the hall the only white guy in an entire office of african americans. was there early but the hall filled up fast. a guy in a wheel chair and his wife sat at both sides of me. it's really strange how different black clinics are then white clinics or hispanic clinics. Everyone knows each other. its like a family reunion. they all greet each other and have stories to tell. it helps lighten up the place.

So the lady that's sitting next to me accustoms this lady about why she wasn't at her sons funeral. It was in January. apparently he had been gunned down at a party in stockton. She got a phone call from the police and they asked for her name and after they got her name they informed her that they had some bad news. She asked her husband what caused it and he replied "bloods and crips"

He was at this party and everthing was going fine and then some bloods just started spraying the party. He turned around and ran but a bullet went through his back and into his heart. His girlfriend took one in the ass. The father joked " she got one in the ass. My Son takes one in the back and it kills him and she gets it in the ass".

then the other lady empathized and described how one of her sons had been murdered as well. It all seemed way too common place for me not to suffer from some culture shock. I see a lot of blue and red folks around. more blue then red in my kneck of the woods though. One time I saw a parking lot full of red but when I'm out running errands I see a lot more blue. They all have a paranoid look in their eye. watching up and down the street like they're all waiting for something. When you got a job to do you better do it well.