Look at what Ron Paul is running on. "911 , the constitution, and cutting taxes" take away Ron Pauls name and you have every other republicans same platform. His support is coming from Alex Jones 911 truthers which he tells everything they want to hear then goes on fox and says the opposite. He is running on Ronald Reagan's old tried and true platform and hate people on welfare and exploiting peoples fears about immigration. Its a total conjob. Anyone supporting Ron Paul because he promises to end the war is supporting the wrong candidate. We need a lot more Ron Paul supporters to come to the light and realize that what they are supporting is nothing new at all.

Mike Gravel is the first person in American History to propose starting a partnership with ALL Americans and allowing us the freedom to vote on how we feal about the issues that directly effect our lives. Ron Paul doesn't even come close to Mike. Ron Paul supporters are fair weather fans. The people that really want to end the war and really want to see some change are all here supporting Gravel.