hes not going to win the nomination. and hes not going to run libertarian or independent. So when the primaries are over you will have to make a decision. Are you going to stand your ground and start supporting the candidate thats closet to Ron Paul or just give up? Mike Gravel will run independent. Which means he will still be in the race.

thats just the way it is. so waist your time on Ron Paul who didnt even show up to vote on the "homegrown terrorism bill" and whos going to cut out as soon as the crown gets handed to guiliani to fight Hillary or you can start supporting with as much passion the guy that believes in Many of Ron Pauls ideas. Mike has promised a new bipartisan investigation with subpoenas. And a major investigation into war crimes committed by Bushco.

He has nothing against peoples rights to bear arms. He wants a fair tax just as Paul does but he knows you have to replace that with a reasonable sales tax so that we will stop consuming more then we make. He firmly believes in the constitution just as Paul and he is extremely well informed and brutally honest.

Its your decision. give up when paul does. Or keep fighting with Gravel as your vehible to liberty.