a week ago dennis kucinich said "we're forgetting where we came from" concerning the immigration issue we're facing rather then actually admit that it's a very complex issue he just played the "they're all crazy racists" card on anyone whos concerned about it. I have a heart ok but when it comes to people saying that our southwestern states were stolen from Mexico and that we're all racists should move to europe that's where my compassion ends. So I felt compelled to leave a note on Kucinich's youtube page where all his crazy neo-lib friends like to congrigate. it reads as following

"Dennis at the debate you said "we are forgetting where we came from" in regards to the millions of mexicans that have come here as refugees. I have to say I think it's you that are forgetting where we came from. Americans and Mexicans history is a very sorted story. All I have to say is "Remember the Alamo" and you'll know exactly what I'km talking about. Remember? When "they came at us with their army and waged war against us for control of the "border? Reme,ber that? I do. I'm a direct descendent of a man that was killed in that invasion. What about us Dennis? What about the people that are related to the good men that thwarted their violent invasion onto our soil and killed Americans with complete disregard for them and their families? Are we to just completely forget about our history with Mexico because their government is so cruel that it's forcing out millions of it's citizens and forcing them to migrate to a country where they don't belong?"

which is just the truth. They wouldn't be called Mexicans if they weren't from Mexico. If they were Americans they'd be called Americans. I never refer to anyone that's American as Mexican. That would be ignorant. I refer to Americans as either hispanics or latinos depending on where they're ancestry came from. And this whole line about All Mexicans being indians is just ludicrous. Most Americans have Native tribe blood in them in varied amounts. I have alot in mine otherwise I wouldn't be so naturally tan. So I'm just as natively blooded as these people that are running their mouths off about how I'm a european racist.

this is how I was responded to

nanderson65 | October 03, 2007
"Oldhacks...The 'Texans' were stealing the land the Mexicans were kind enough to let them settle on. The texans refused to pay taxes and went to war with the country that welcomed them in. Try to read a little before spouting off...unless you are from texas too...then just STFU.

When I think of texas i think, yeah remember the alamo, thieves and turncoats in that state. I swear texas is the chechnya of the US.

now that really pisses me off cuz I wouldn't exist if it were not for Texas. Willie Nelson wouldn't exist if not for Texas being created. And saying that Texas should be a Mexican territory is just insanely stupid. And what about Austin? What about Dallas? WHat about the thousands and thousands of great artists and musicians that have been born solely because texas was created? so I responded with this.


"the texans didn't steal anything. I know my history. You seem to be biased. There was a border dispute and rather then settle it in an adult fashion the Mexican army came and started killing Americans. Texas was trying to form it's own country WITH Hispanics and other immigrants. Why should they have had to pay taxes to another government.. Don't criticize me for bringing up what Dennis is so conveniently leaving out for political purposes"

The only reason why Texas finally joined with the Union was because they needed help defending themselves from Mexico which was extremely hostile towards the citizens of Texas.

Tell me I'm wrong god damn it!