"There's nothing wrong with socialism other than it doesn't work"

every nation in the world thats most relaxed and "independent" (declaration of independence?) is nations that use their taxes to spread wealth.

its common fucking sense man. Do you like the richest people in the world using tax shelters? Like Bill Gates creating medical facilities in third world nations like the churches do and getting lots of praise...

Do you like the federal government spending the money you earn and spending ,instead of making sure our economies stable, giving handouts to Halliburton and Wal Mart while Wal Mart doesn't pay any taxes cuz they have all their stuff made in slave market china and Haliburton moved to DUBAI! Where the supposed terrorists that plotted 911 met.

Do you like that the citizens of New Orlins (Which was/is/and forever will be famous as one of our FOUNDING cities that was created as a vital port where prostitution, voodooism, creole rockin zydeco port salior jazz music and partying in general is common folk lore) are still living in formaldehyde reeking trailers where the only transportation they have is a bus that goes to and fro to WAL MART ONLY. After they got demonized on television and had GUNS POINTED AT THEIR FACES for gaining supplys


and now wal mart gets to exact their revenge on them by taking every penny they get from the socialism we use now but we call them hand outs instead of "support" or "government help" , which isnt enough to even get out of town!

'but "socialism" doesn't work'...You're a Fucking Idiot.

There's 911 fucking insanely heroic mother fuckers with serious diseases because they risked their lives climbing through the worst disaster in the history of this country. but because we dont get to go to the doctor THEY don't get to go to the doctor.

One of my dearest friends was commissioned to document footage a week after it happened. a lot of it made it to the news. But I've seen undocumented footage and I got quite obsessed with the trade towers. I had a 911 birthday cake. with planes and orange icing. I made a 911 home play set. It was a 4dememsional dart board. with tiny paper planes for darts. "Relive the Terror!" I put on the box. and that was years before anything about a conspiracy movement started. I just saw it like how Dreyfuss saw that mountain in close encounters. LIke that scene with the mash potatoes. 911 has scared the fuck out of us. and now we've pissed off an entire nation by demolishing their 3000 year old civilization.

and why are we at war? BECAUSE WE BUILD BOMBS. WHat good is a bomb if you're not going to blow somebody up? ANd we build shitloads of em. We use HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS DESTROYING A COUNTRY THAT NEVER DID ANYTHING TO US BUT TRY TO TAKE OUR OIL SUPPLY IN KUWAIT. Which we shortly dismantled with George sr. at the helm. He was nothing. but the sunni arabs loved him cuz he kept the kurds and the shiites from fucking with baghdad like how the yankees loved Lincoln for keeping the south from becoming an independent country. NOw we've unleashed a serious fucking venom in the world. We've created nothing but anarchy in a country that was somewhat sovereign. We killed him. We hung him. George Bush was there. He says he didn't watch it all the way through. I bet he did and chuckled with his sicko fanatic rich fucked in the head loser assholes that are ruining this fucking country.

but "socialism" doesn't work.


its a word that means KEEP A STABLE ECONOMY by not letting the rich get too ahead and making sure the poor make a decent wage. It's why we had to form a union and commit serious strikes shutting down plants and starting riots. now we sit in lawn chairs drinking beer with a sign.

Polluting the fuck out of everything, the air the water the landscaping .They're putting steroids in your vegetables and in your Meat. and then NOT allowing me TO SEE A FUCKING DOCTOR.unless you can afford to pay out the nose. Meanwhile the elite are spending tens of thousands of dollars on having their face carved on. Because our leaders tell us that its ok to be insanely wealthy!

Right now we're worshiping this dumb bitch. And why? Because shes "ROYALTY!" WE THROUGH OUT ROYALTY REMEMBER? Remember learning that in fucking Grade School!??

it's insanity. you people are so brainwashed by oscar the "fight communism by not adopting socialism." grouch that gives you "the news (as we see fit to tell you)"


Stop bitching about the Poor! God damn it. It's the RICH! it's the RICH!
They're taking everything from you and you're bitching about somebodies welfare check. Get a GRIP man.