it means everything. They've already forced millions of mexicans (not hispanic americans - Mexicans, there's a big difference) to move up here because Nafta destroyed 5.1 million jobs and through emanate domain displaced millions of indiginous people. and the CFR (hillary clinton among others) have allowed mexico to build illegal factories in Los Angeles where they only hire undocumented/illegal migrants and only pay them a dollar and hour thus forcing them to take most their money to mexico where its worth more. then they seal the factory full of Mexicans ONLY. Then the media comes after average citizen saying its out fault because "we didnt want the job" even though they refuse to hire us not forgetting that NO American can survive on a dollar an hour. .......

If millions of Americans were forced to move to France do you think the average frenchman would be the slightest bit happy about that? Of Course not. Because we are different cultured people. We don't belong in France. Especially if we wouldn't want to move to france. Can you imagine if million of Americans marched through paris demanding they let us do whatever we want and if the french don't then they're all Racists???.....the neo-liberals that support the "you're a racist" mentality are people that don't live anywhere near the southwestern states. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with race. I love mexican food and marijuana and I'm completely impressed by their ability to speak two languages.

Last night I was made fun of by this hispanic chef he said "Hey how was fajita? Bueno? Bueno?" to which I replied "Si muy bueno" and they started cracking up. it was pretty funny. Everyone is so afraid of being called a racist that no one is willing to speak out about whats been done to our cities and societies. We're losing our diversity here in the valley to an all mexican majority. People think its some kind of conspiracy nut talk and cuz of assholes like Lou Dobbs and other right wing radio personalities along with politicians that are using this issue to play badminton with they've completely muddy'd up the issue to where they never actually speak about how complex of a problem it is rather just call everyone a racist on the democratic side or say they're going to chase them off on the republican side.

Only Mike Gravel has spoken openly about how complex it is and has made it clear we should get these folks on a pathway to citizenship and put an end to these malicious practices that are hurting mexicans and Americans by forcing them to merge in cities where they shouldn't have had to if our governmets were ethical. Even Dennis Kucinich has avoided actually talking about how complex this issue is. Yesterday there was a homeless guy draped in a mexican flag going through my garbage. It's a disaster and citizens of Americas southwestern states are being hit the hardest by having to absorb these people into our cities and towns. .....and it pisses me off.