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5 helicopters flying nonstop along the river "protecting wildlife" I sat there for almost an hour an I never saw one bird. What stork is gonna want to fly around abunch of military helicopters anyway?

if we're so peaceful with eachother why are we flying military helicopters day and night between Tijuana and San Diego. does France do this kind of thing with Spain. So America is the bastard son of England and Mexico is the bastard son of Spain. Are our governments just so corrupted that we have to be this militant towards our own neighbors to "protect our interests"

So here's the zillion dollar questions

is it to stop drug trafficking? well then legalize drugs. If you regulate and sell the best stuff then the people that want to use those drugs wont have to go through those people. Why marry the cow when you can drink the milk for free.
is it because Mexico is so poor that they have to come here to find a better life? Mexico is not a poor country. Their government is just more corrupt and doesn't share the wealth with the common people as openly as we get to enjoy in America.

is it to keep out criminals. and if so which side is sending more to which side?

so what do you think is going on? Mexico is building factories in LA. People come in without giving their name and address when they enter and because they're here under the radar they have/get to work in these illegal factories for a dollar an hour. But that American dollar is worth 10 pesos in Mexico. It's a money laundering scheme.

So they've built these factories and now they're protesting demanding a full American wage after they've sealed the factory full of undocumented workers straight from Mexico. So then they're making 6 bucks an hour which in Mexico turns into 60 dollars an Hour.

Basically Mexico is just doing the same thing that we've done to them but in our cities now. They're paying people such a low wage that only a selected group can survive on it and now they're demanding the right to do it out in the open. Like Mexico hasn't benefited enough from being our sister revolutionary nation.

I've picked up on that republicans are using immigration as the new gay marriage. trying to scare people into voting for them to protect them from the scary Mexicans. When they all eat Mexican food and vegetables most likely picked by Mexican workers. See I understand the importance of being permissive about having Mexicans come in and work and how they don't make as much as Americans do here cuz our money is worth a ton when they get home. But since NAFTA things have changed.

I'm not a bigot. and I'm not any more racist then anyone else. We're all racist it's natural. Cheech, Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor all got rich on being racist The media has brainwashed us all into thinking that we should never ever talk about race in any discussion because it's irrelevant. when really it's the farthest thing from irrelevant. It's not politically correct its historically respectful. Our ancestors deserve more then just being considered a skin pigmentation. the people that came before us are the reason why we exist in the first place. To deny our own heritage is to in one way deny our own existence. We all belong to tribes and sects and communities and positions.

I just want to know what's going on.