I'm not impressed by any of this.

I garentere people were much more somber and respectful when the 6 year anniversary of pearl harbor happened.

ya know since the fact is that we are in Iraq to steal their oil we should have had patreus and gates in charge of the aftermath the day after the shock and awe went into action. but it's my theory that Cheney fuct Iraq up and sent it into civil war oin purpous to maximise their profits. If war is their business then the longer and bloodier the war the more business.

then they bring in the compitent ones to bring stability to a nation in turmoil. they're just the clean up for the after party so when Hillary takes office she can focus on her commie health care and carbon tax policies wihjtout interference. See Bush and Hillary are partners in crime. They're both sitting on top of the hill counting their profits and looking down on all of us peasents with complete dissaray.

Guiliani and Hillary are in cohoots. Guiliani gets the republican nod and is set up to purpously lose so that Hillary can cinch her claim to the thrown. Seeing that they are both on the same committe in new york I don't think this is much of a stretch to believe.

i'm for socialized medicine and a carbon tax but not rhe way hillary plans on implementing it. shes going to throw a carbon tax on top of the prices where they are now so the oil co's and her can both make "record profits" off of us and not offer us an alternative. basically just inflating the prices of everything and without an alternative we'll have no choice but to take it. and with heaqlth care shes going to do the same thing. keep the inssurance companies and the inflated price of drugs and Then offer it to us at a price we can barely afford. And everyone will cheer like shes doing somthing great and I'll sulk and kick and scream and do averything in my power to get my fellow countrymen to wake up to what's actually going on.

damn you people.

gravel08.us if you want a revolution

kucinich if you want a watered down more typical and unwinnable candidate.

ron paul if you're a kook that thinks that anarchy is the answer

and the others if you're completely clueless as to where you're going to stand.

throw all these inflations on us forcing us onto welfare and other programs and then use your republicans parteners in crime to demonize those who are forced onto the programs.

it's very simple people.

I'm going to the beach.