I have serious health problems. and this is how I get treated

Supportive Comments Needed

if you

listen to my music
read my blog
or just generally like me as a person.

then please leave me comments on youtube in support of my fight for more adequate treatment in fighting my illnesses. I desperately need your support right now people. I'm in a very low place right now. As soon as I posted the video the right wing retards started with their comments of scare tactics as to why Universal health care will make everyone have the same problems I have which is completely moronic brainwashed nonsense . Actually UHC means just revamping medicare so that it actually works again unlike now after Bush gutted and privatized the entire program) it doens't mean that everyone will be forced onto medicare. It just means I'll actually be given a fighting chance to survive.

every comment left in support of my efforts is incentive for me to carry on with my head held high.

(I'm not going to be posting any more bulletins or posts on my blogs till my brain isn't fixated on doom)

repost this to your friends if you so feel inclined