i wrote this to the southern aveneger in response to this

" There's Nothing Conservative About Our War in Iraq "
by The Southern Avenger
24 August 2007

my response

most importantly I must stress your error stating there's only one candidate that opposes nation building and imperialism. Mike Gravel deserves a note of respect in this regard. Plus he is the only candidate whom said on national television that English should be our official language (as common sense mind you).

Mike Gravel ended the draft singlehandedly against the entire media and congress doing everything in their power to marginalize him which I dare say most likely saved me and you from being sent to the desert to die fighting against a nation that is defending itself against our invasion.

The only reason we are in Iraq is to steal their oil. The Oil and Car companies trapped us in the suburbs with no means to escape without our own personal modes of transportation when they deliberately demolished the rail systems that were in place in order to maximize profits (some more of that privatized glory you libertarians are always preaching) Which is what has caused the oil shortage which in turn has forced us into invading other countries to steal theirs.

The truth is without Iraq's Oil, our personal oil crisis is much closer to destroying us thus much harder to address and solve. When Bush says "some day you'll thank me" that is what he is referring to. But he can't come out and say that because that's not politically expedient.

And as far as saying we're not a pre-emptive war machine, that's ludicrous. America was built on our preemptive invasion of the natives who held this land before us. Everyone always says "that was a million years ago" not realizing that this nation has only existed for 20 generations. Compared to the centuries of culture other nations represent we are just an infant.

With all this being said, Ike Eisenhower is most likely the greatest president this nation has ever had to lead us and he was by no means conservative by todays standards. He railed against the military industrial complex and instead was much more in favor of spending that war machine money on instituting socialism throughout our nation. More Schools, Better highways, Better medicine.

You see, when a nation becomes as big and powerful as ours has there are only two roads that it can fall into. Socialism or Communism. Unchecked capitalism leads to communism. Just look at wal mart and you will not be able to argue with that logic. Wal Mart is an American enterprise, but what do you call it when every single item sold in that store is created and marketed by a communist nation?

If we are ever to truly free ourselves from the corporates that dominate us like slave masters then we need a government that will serve as a true mediator between us and them. That is not a call for big government regulations. It is only my belief that most businesses that go left unchecked will not act on the behalf of their fellow countrymen. There for we need a government that will regulate the big corporations in the name of forcing businesses in this country to remain ethical.