I think we should take our favored terms of political affiliation BACK! I refuse to label myself a "progressive" because of it's elitist connotations. saying I'm for "progress" means to suggest that whomever the other side of the debate there is to offer other suggestions contrary to mine must inherently be Not for creating progress. Which is inadequately representative of the flip side's foundation of principles.

I'm a liberal. Which historically is affiliated with the men that wrote the founding phrases "innocent until proven guilty" and "all men are created equal". Nothing anyone says to try to slander my rightful stance as an American that adheres to a certain sectors beliefs will make me regret accepting that term. Personally I feel that we shouldn't run away from our favored terms but rather fight to restate and clarify what the term has meant before the completely invalidated reconstruction of said terms' definitions were hijacked by partisan hacks.