We WON! Iraq has surrendered and are now willing to talk peace aggreements. I knew the surge would work. Bush is a genius Commander in Chief. we just needed to stick with it a little longer and show the Iraq insurgents what we're made of. Yea we did it! Ticker tape parade in New York!

check out the video a friend made for me


Have You Heard?
sunni shiites gonna die
shoot em right between the eye
everyday were droppin bombs
while over here its nice and calm
till one day at virginia tech
when 32 kids wind up dead

if you go to Iraq
you are gonna get attacked
3500 to none
lets go kill some just for fun
dont be afraid to die
even if its for a lie

mohammed and jesus christ
got themselves into a fight
for every one we kill today
theres three more there to take their place
we say suicide bomber
they say death befor dishonor

pass it around. Ruin somebodies day.
"have you heard about the war?"