he's one of us people!

he saved your ass from getting drafter. that goes for ladies now as well.

he took on the big oil companies when he legislated the ALaskan Pipeline which proves he'd be willing to take them on again now that we desperately need someone in office to do.

The Media allows frames him as the "no chance in hell guy" but thats not true

many presidents got elected after their showing in the primaries.

Bill Clinton for one. The come back kid they called him. SO it does happen.

We need to support this man. He wont do anything to underhand you like how we've been "served" the last 30 years.

he single handedly ended the draft. One man against the entire congress and he got it done. The man is brilliant. His plans arent so drastic that you have to think of him as a radical. He's just like you and me. He's middle class. He's worried about the future. He has ideas on how to get us off the oil that controls us, and he's the only one that doesn'[t have ties with them

this man is revolutionary