burlesque shows and kind souls. Great vibe good people.

Everybody was pretty drunk by the time I went on and
I ended up getting off stage and going in the back where the couches were. Poopy looked up at me and said "really?" and I said "yea" and jumped off and marched back and played a private show for the half of the crowd that was still wanting to hear some music.

Rose was really good as to be expected Me and Regan got there early and got to stand and listen to Uni and her run through a number which was really nice.

There was this performer from LA that was doing the old standard of the half man half woman routine and it was pretty enthralling. The burlesque group called The Muse Project though was really dazzling.They had some really hot numbers they ran through spreading their legs and shaking their rumps. I was biting my lip. One girl particular caught my eye. the blond on the far right. She looked just about perfect with her blond hair and perfect physic acting ripe for ruining.

The Jank
played an exceptional set even with minor PA glitches and Poops dropped his drawers and revealed a diamond studded cock piece in black underwear.

Made me think of how it musta been for my grandpa touring with that circus he traveled with in the 40s. Unis crowd is alot of fun. And that's exciting.

bottlecapp is an excellent establishment. I recomend visiting the place. 180 capp third floor.

After the show me and Regan were starving so we walked to a Pizza shop with Mike and Andrea. I had my guitar with me and it was midnight in a somewhat bad part of town so after we ate I went and got the car so I wouldn't have to chance any thieves getting any bright ideas. I havn't driven a car in almost 2 years so when I got in everything was sort of foreign to me. I had the wipers going and spraying and my headlights going on and off. the whole works but I finally got my bareings and put my seat belt on and through it in drive and pulled out on 17th. As soon as I got going I hear a "BOOOi" and flashing lights behind me. My first thought "I'm goin to jail" My lisense is expired and I was carrying a questionabley legal substance. But I didn't feal any kind of panic. It was weird. I somehow just assessed the situation and pulled over imediatley. then as I did. he just drove by.

damn cops. doing the mans job for him.

Just as we were leaving a tranny wearing a cowboy hat sequestered Regan about some Chocolate Truffles he/she was selling. Never know what you're gonna get in this town.


When we finaly got going home we got on I-80. Just befor we got to the bay bridge we got stuck in a stand still traffic jam. We were forced to merge off the bridge forceing us back into the city where we had to drive in a centipede of cars through town passing through police and flares. Eventually though we were able to get back on the bridge at the very last entrance ramp and away we went home. We had no idea why the bridge was being worked on without any notice until today when my dad told me on the phone that he saw it on the news in KC that a 4.2 earthquake had hit during my set.