peak oil (every single convenience)
the NAU (Bill Clinton destroyed mexico with NAFTA and now the whole country is flooding up here but yet hates america and wants to create a new "mexico" in "new mexico",
terrorism (can you imagine how many Iraqis hate America and have pledged their souls to seek revenge for the insane amount of atrocities we've commited there?)
communism (Free health care will come with a price, Oil will come with a price, we're all going to be living in sqwaler
racism ( we've All been brainwashed into thinking that people can only talk about race when it concerns their own no matter what and with no free exchangeing of ideas
global warming/climate change (meaning the earth is on fucking fire people),

can you survive in a 130 degrees weather?
can you grow a tomato?
can you train a horse?
can you go without the insane non stop drudge of static constantly pulverising everything into a minute meaningless moment?
can you turn everything off for more then an hour?
do you like your neighbors?
can you shoot a gun?
if you eat meat can you skin a deer? or a pig? or a rabbit? or a big ass cow with blood squirting out everywhere all over you so you can some ribs and steaks and hamburgers?
can you read?
can you carry a tune?
do you know how to trade anything besides money?
can you deal with not having a military to protect you from foreign invaders?
can you deal with not having a police force to protect you from domestic invaders?
can you go without ever seeing a doctor? or a dentist?
can you raise a child in this environment?