It's really sad to see Stewart give Miller such a free round when we all have real questions involving his decision to go from mullet head liberal on SNL and HBO to partisan loser taking cues from Sean Hannity and Bill O'really. He tells the public it was 911 but its obvious it was a more calculated move/risk then Hillary's ever performed as he cradled to the polls of republican war support.
When I first saw the title of the clip I thought it was going to be a little hit on how Miller had exchanged vows with the right but then I saw him come out to a strangeley inviteing crowd which I think Dennis was even a little taken back by. Sort of a "Hey he's still Dennis. we've been around the block with him" kind of cheer.But then he blows it making fun of a daily show corespondent that just seems a little oofish and tryingtoo hard. Then he tears into a joke about a the lacrosse rape trial which is a story that died months ago. Then he starts with the Nancy Pelosi jokes. At one point he tells Jon "hey I only got 6 minutes" It seemed desperate.
The one part of the interview that really makes me sick is when Stewart gave Miller an open sucker punch on one of my favorite senators Robert Byrd (D-WV). Saying Robert Byrd has his head up his own ass is Offensively disrespectful to one of our countries Longest EVER serving senators. It's not just disrespectful to Byrd its disrespectful to the entire state of west Virginia and even more so it's disrespectful to the enormous number of elderly Americans who SAVED THIS COUNTRY IN WORLD WAR TWO! I love that old man. 83 YEARS OLD! and still working everyday and showing more guts and sincerity then any of foxes mimes . If anyone has their head up their ass it's Dennis Miller. The country is swinging back hard to the commonly decent side of the aisle and sadly you're going to be left behind. Once you go from being a common observer telling honest jokes to a payed blow hard reading cue cards written by Rupert Murdochs henchmen You can never go back. I was more upset that Jon didn't go after him at all and make him defend his position.

watch the interview here

Byrd is a man that's seen it all.