what happened to this place? I turned my back for a second and the whole thing disappeared. not even the Trees look the same what the fuck happened? did everyone die? was there a mass transit system built just for the people who used to live here? that went to some magic place where they were never heard from again? what happened? tell me? was it you? who wasn't watching their post? who let their guard down? a hundred years of history a culture as thick as blood signs everywhere Don't come here if you're a fuckhead FUckheads NOT welcome the cool kids with their plot of land you let it slip away People told me letters sent in despair "the mission isn't the mission anymore" I couldn't believe them. it was the last great hold out on Earth the last breath of a dead society the one place I could hang my hat without having to worry about if stupids around YUPPIES ARE A CANCER they look like you and me that is to say they have feet and hands but you can tell by one look in their eyes they'll never live like common people.