for some it's home. it's the place they grew up.
it's where all their best memories are stored
hopes and dreams around every corner

for me, it's the land of failed friendships and dead girl friends.
shitty landlords and even shittier doctors.
dirty looks and cold shoulders
a place where there's more heroin then there are joints being smoked,
yet there's so many laws that you're afraid to cross the street
a town where street cleaners tell you to piss in the alley
first come first serve
all the toys held up high

the land where nothing happened
where I waited for long enough
a town where the best thing that Did happen
was just another failure

"customers only"
try to get on the A-list if you can
a pile of bodies
where everyone is trying to get on top

After three months of living here
Kurt Cobain became the most obvious thing in the world

in a land of homophobic wife beaters
a place where everyone hates themselves
a place where even your own mother can't be trusted

I can see it in the old ones
I can see how they remember this place
like there used to be magic
but now
now its apple computers and money rock
lesbians and frustrated dudes
the place where they throw the fish
cops with no one to bully because everyone follows the rules.
the city that always sleeps by ten

like it never happened
it helped spur commerce
so at least some people got rich
if he hadn't killed himself
god knows how lame this town would be
at least they have a Jesus

at least.