I die and I die and I die

every day we die
the moon as our tombstone
the ocean bleeds
and the sky breathes
the animals walk in it
the world dominates
and degenerates
just a glimpse
a glimpse of the other side
pure sugar
the butterfly stretching its wings
birds and monkeys
surrounded by death
how terrifying this world must be
how nightmarish.
we push play
their eyes widen in fear
nothing can stop the sound
nothing can prevent the flood
the ocean bleeds
the volcanoes flex
comets and stars
asteroids and sun beams
We ARE we are
the reality in language.
the reality in sound
feeling our way through
loud enough to frighten a crowd
it's too late now
this gluttonous cancer
we live to die
we live to kill
we feed on our victims
and we flush ourselves into the sea
the ocean bleeds shit
it tastes us
walking on it's back
it prays for an asteroid
the only thing that can stop it
is total death
total fucking death