oh fuck, I'm in love
you look and you look and you look
and people look back
and nothing's ever right
and it's lonely
and boring
and then like a wrecking ball
you find a perfect fit
and suddenly everything makes sense
a snowflake in a volcano
it doesn't even matter if it works out
because it happens
and you witness it like a UFO
suddenly everything is in tune
like a drug that never quits
we blame ourselves forever
we dress ourselves in our well defined shame
our over examined egos
our trampled souls
then the sun trickles in
and the warmth from a million miles away
caresses us in our evil
washes away the darkness
encompasses our spirit
making plants stretch
and roosters crow
dogs ears perk
and trees whisper
spinning illustriously
as if perfect

what a waste
to have found it now
after having been searching forever
and to be down to shreds
what a waste
to see a future
to have it dangled in my face
as if it were there the entire time
waiting for the perfect moment
to taunt my fading extacy

but better to have seen it
the glory of the light
then to live on without knowing
to live in nothing but darkness
to never hear the sounds
of ancient wisdom
what has carried us this far
here all along.