if I could have a day.
just one day of what you have
even just to witness
like a dog with his head hangin out the car door window
to fly
to see it all
to have servers
and handlers
exterior arms and minds
helping me live my life
oh the narcissist in me would be very happy
like a kid in an arcade with endless plays
like a girl at the pool where the sun never sets
you know how lucky you are
you know it was all chance
and you've tasted the dirt in the streets
so these cheeses and these wines
your taste buds refined
by struggle
the day in day out
the reaching for the stars
the waking up in dirt
to sleep in roses
take the drugs if you need them
take the drugs and drink the wine
run away and watch it crumble in the distance
watch it crash into the ocean
ingest cocaine
soak in opiates
let it be a dream
where they kill
we die
where they eat
we starve
and as you share tables
with evil incarnate
you do it with such virtuosity
with such clear conviction
no one mistakes your crown
they all have something to say
and even more on their minds
oh how they despise you
Go Back to the Streets!
I say the same
though to take their treats
and accept their recognition
I would offer my blood just the same.