church bells in rome
while I listen to sirens
you see the pantheon
as I see industrial waste
"Give me Diamonds" she says
while I beg for spare change

for to have walked these same streets
as the meek and the hopeless
when those church bells ring
the sound echos through us

oh how you whisper
and it screams through the hills
make trees winds blow
and give salt to the Earth
all in an instance
justice for all
we watch and we listen
where as you are in heaven
we are all trapped in hell
but you bring us from hell
and forgive us our sins

your empathy exhumes
and lays waste to the struggle
making our long days end
with joy from the word
of a future
of truth
of someone who made it
from the trenches to star light
oh how you whisper
and the world gets more still