ode to the sweet sluts that show me kindness
knowing my worthlessness
knowing my bitter horizon
they smile on me in spite of the odds
they comb back my hair
and tell me things are not so bad
that there's still lots to learn
lot's to do
lot's to see
to enjoy.
and I listen
I listen to their pretty faces.
their pretty faces and their fucked up teeth
their gums showing just enough
just enough to make them hate themselves
enough to go for a guy like me
so for the sluts I save my love
all the love I've ever been given

everything I know
everything I am
all I posses
here for the taking
as they politely show me the door
I know going my way out
it was fun while it lasted
if just for a night
but for a life time
if we die tomorrow
it was worth the risk
knowing not how to love
but just to be loved
if only for an instant
a smile, a wink, a nod
for my failings
just like my mother
which is why I can't stay
and I, like their father
which is why it won't keep
knowing it's wrong
before the first kiss
but we try anyways
and pretend that it fits
we laugh
sharing some common wisdom
collecting stones along the riverbank
for when the next taker calls
it will mean that much more.