I am that worthless piece of shit
I have nothing
I want nothing I am nothing
even in death
even in anguish
in absolute despair
in a rage of pathetic absurdity
the unabomber was a mamas boy
jeffry dahmer felt remorse!
the marines the army the air force
professional death squads
I'm no war hero
and I've never been in love
worthless worthless
suicide would pay compliment
self mutilation is just
the girls laugh
the men shout
so I keep in the shadows
with my pocket knife still
against overwhelming odds
hoping for global notoriety
for doing nothing at all
how I hate them all
not out of spite
out of disgust.
so I cut myself
I drowned my sorrow
I chew pills like mouthfuls of candy
I hold my breath
anything to make it quiet
I clinch my fists as tight as I can
I muscle my way through
I stand and I wait
I wait eternally
for nothing at all