don't feel good for me when I die
don't claim it to have ended my suffering
don't claim my passing as some delicate moment
where I supposedly met god
somewhere in outer space
if my memory stands at all
let it stand for pain
don't pity my grave
don't stand over my bones
my spirit is eternal
like dog shit in the street

no creation
no preservation
jokes yet untold

only I know what I was thinking
only I know how it goes
the only one who's lived through this
the only one who knows
understanding the answers
lost in space
the hopeless future

oh my heavy sorrow
my waking hardships
bittersweet imperishables

they took advantage of the moment
and put it to good use
everybody got rich
no one could've done it better
had they been given the chance

so mourn the thrill of being genius
its lonely understandings
its heavy breathing
it's temples and skulls
our distant array
our conflated hegemony
so many passages
so many days spent
looking up to see her
as if It never went away