they stand on the stage
and curse its existence
they write out the lines
then regret having written
they preach and they moan
about the less fortunate
then never confront
those whom pro-port it
as soon as your famous
it all goes away
they invite you to come
but never to stay
so bang on the walls
until they cave
kill all the guards
and free all the slaves
make them despise you
make them take note
let their jealousy kindle
while you stay afloat
mockingly whisper
show them how to behave
punk rockers are visceral
and pop stars are staged

it's all in a gesture
a simple idea
from dirt hills to highways
come pagans and deists

let the grave robbers frolic
let them all play
cause we know who's winning
come the end of the day
don't let boredom heed you
nor strike what you say
the candles still burning
for the queen of decay