Aren't you relieved when you come back to the States?

where we chew bubble gum and act tough
our heads full of big ideas
peeking at each other through the blinds
with our shotguns ready
waiting for sirens
to sound off Armageddon
race cars and speed limits
cigarettes and weed
pain killers and heroin
cheap knock offs made in china
maximized debt
over flowing slaughterhouses
prisons and high schools
with know-it-alls standing on every corner
awaiting a crowd
to tell them how Wrong they are

oh to clumsy Americans
one trampling over the other
suffocating and pummeling each other
just to get through.

though if not for their mischievous greed
there'd be no pyramids to climb
no dreams to chase
no walls to break down.

So keep your prosperity Europa!
for amongst a nation of thieves is where I fit best.