dear Courtney Love,

what time is it there?
you're in new york it says
I'm in san francisco
things are busy here too
too busy for me to want to keep up
who are you these days?
what role are you playing?
where are you off to next?

sitting on a plane
talking to whomever will listen
you put your make up on
and think about your career
keeping track
being your own secretary

but what makes you so special?
why's your name in lights and not mine?
Is it cause you got tits?
I got tits
but mine are from being lazy
not the kind of tits that sell

bah, you're just lucky is all.
you fucked the right person at the right time
just like every other nickel and dime hussy that slept her way to the top

maybe that's what keeps you going
holding on to that lottery ticket for dear life
smile for the camera
open up and say ah
sign on the dotted line.

I was screaming at you
with all of my might
but the lights weren't on
and you weren't home.