the dog won't stop barking
and the sirens are always there
the house across the street is glowing yellow from the sun as it sets down on these cold wet streets.
who knows what bodies will turn up tomorrow. someone will get killed.
the odds are against us. they're Always against us! it's a hectic monday. summer time's coming.
better get your boots on. and pick out a good knife. let them know in the way you walk that you ain't no one to be fucked with. You don't have to look at them. we are what we are.
we are these streets. we pay the rent. we throw away our garbage.
hopefully the garbage man won't go on strike. We need him to come and take our shit.
our empty meaningless shit. our dead free give away's. Hold out your hand and close your eyes!

put a pencil in it. cut off the circulation. watch your fingers turn blue. it's all a bag of tricks.
nobodies really got the answers. otherwise you wouldn't be reading this piece of shit poem that I'm writing hopped up on a hand full of daily whatevers. Long night. full of cigarettes and stress. abrupt awakenings. Jarvis was throwing up and puking and than wanted to play and be petted afterwords. It's unbelievable. That this cat has survived as long as he has. being Mine. Shit man. Hold out your hand and smile. take it like a man. be Whatever. wash it all off when it's over. Pay your dues. day in and day out until you die. Keep up the Good work. Know your limits. buy some pretty girl some roses. eat some chocolate. Watch the commercials. See whats new. Whats happening now. Are they tight or are they loose fit? red purple green blue? long short? hyper tame. Does it come with batteries? does it glow in the dark? Can you cut things with it? Where can I get one!