He woke up with bridget. Though he was Sure that he had went to bed with Sally. and even after second thought he was positive about it. But there was Bridget. Sleeping in his arms. her mouth half gaped open. Softly snoring in his face. He immediately felt cognitive of the whiskey from last night. The muscles in his arms and legs ached. He lied still. For any attempt to move would surely cause him some pain. "Same shit." he thought to himself staring at the ceiling.

He cautiously slid his arm out from under Bridget's neck and hoisted himself to the edge of the bed. She rolled over and whimpered as he grabbed his pants from the foot of the bed and carefully slid them on one leg in at a time. He let out a couple soft coughs. A glass of some left over wine was on the end table next to the bed. He took a shot of it to try and wash away the dirty sock taste that was in his mouth. Though he immediately regretted it for the wine was rotten and tasted worse than what he was trying to get rid of. and there may well have been some ashes in it too, telling by the taste. He pinched his face in disgust swallowing hard as he sat it back down.

He slowly lifted himself up off the bed as not to disturb the young lady in her sleep but the bed squeaked a little anyways. The room was a mess. Must have been a wild night. He stepped over piles of clothes and empty bottles and made his way over to the mirror next to the window. resting his palms on the desk he gave himself a look. his hair was getting long. the circles under his eyes were deepening. He felt like a monster. He gave a look at his teeth. brown and yellow stains. He cleaned them a little with his index finger. trying to rub away the filth. Scraping a little gunk out from between them with his fingernail. He noticed his fingernails were getting long too. Long and dirty.

What a life. Ever since he started working the joint he felt grimy. At first it was ok. Free liquor and fast women. working for tips. always making just enough to have a full purse. But after a year and a half of the place it had started to lose it's charm. Charlie wasn't as green as he once was. And he felt and thought as though he'd aged 10 years after all the excitement.

He gave himself one more good hard look. Trying to find his best angles. though they were getting harder and harder to find. Eventually giving up and cursing the damn thing for cursing him with his own image. His teeth hurt. along with everything else. he grabbed his shirt from up off the floor. buttoned it, grabbed his shoes, and quietly let himself out. once in the hall he knelt down to put on his shoes. Sally was standing in her doorway smoking a cigarette.

"Hell of a night last night eh Charlie?" she said sounding hazed.
"Yea. of what I can remember." Charlie said tying his laces.
"to tell ya the truth I don't remember a god damn thing." he said laughing a little as he looked up at her with that crooked smile of his.
"yea I figured as much. You were about as drunk as I've seen you in a long time." she said puffing away on her cigarette.
"You want some coffee?" she asked in a sweet tone.
"yea. if you got some to give. I'd love some" he said happily obliged.
"well cmon. I'll make you some." she said sympathetically inviting him into her room.