coffee in the morning
coffee in the afternoon
a little coffee before night
I used to have an espresso maker
till the ex took it away.
and she doesn't even like espresso
every day is the same
but the coffee makes it all worth while
constricting my veins.
settling my nerves
giving me pause for thought

the stray cat gets startled by me tapping my cigarette
the sun seeping through the gate.
the trashman rumbles by
delivering our filth to the dump.

my cat karate kicked me in the gut
all 30 pounds of him
I couldn't help but laugh
amazed by how much it hurt

getting a call from the internet
they're asking me if I know any get rich quick schemes
"you guys are asking Me how to get rich?.. that's rich in itself"

we talked about raw powers re-release.
some kid making fun of my voice.
I said I liked the treble crap sound on the original bowie mix.
that it gave birth to the treble driven sound of the 80's.

"Twitter the fire dept."

back to my smokes and coffee.