ok I'm gonna try and make this as newb friendly as possible.

what he's doing is using vogter2100 as the prime example of social democrats knowing full well that vogter isn't a master in social engineering. He has the heart and the intellect to understand which side he's supposed to be on but the details are for more nerdy types like me and stodles.

and he's also using his name in the title for a tag to try and net his subscribers. which if true is kind of a strange tactic seeing that most of vogters subscribers or people that would subscribe to vogter don't share stodles' lack of compassion. you could argue that his ultimate goal of keeping prices low is an act of good will but the flaws in his theories that which he is blind to are inherently destructive towards him reaching his projected goal of equality and liberty.

he and I both know that I'm the most outspoken character in the arena of ideas concerning american politics and socialism versus anarchism.

at the beginning of the video he says he hasn't watched it. and then later he says "and in the comments he's saying I'm a crypto racist" but I thought he didn't watch the video?

anyways I deleted it. I looked like shit. but thats to be expected.

me I don't even know anymore. with prop 8 and and now the swiss. I don't even know anymore. but on the other hand if I was truly just this blind follower that everyone claims I am then I would surely be against democracy by now. considering every where I go every one I talk to seem to loathe the idea. But I carry on. like a member of some secret cult. with my ideas in my bag. scurrying.

what stodles believes is that money is the best mediator between human beings. that low prices and freedom in the job place equals a utopian paradise that would live forever and make life on earth more bearable.

and what I think is that money is the root of all evil.

but then again they can't even agree with what Money is! is it gold pieces? how many people are trading with these gold pieces? how ever many people agree to use it. ok? well that's what we have now. we all agree to use green paper money around the world. what's the problem?

it's not backed by gold. Back to the old ron paul bullshit. It's backed by production and consumption. it's backed by whatever we say it's backed by. we being the majority of people using this money. You're trapped stodles. there's no way out. you either learn to cooperate with the mob. or you're going to live a long tiresome life full of frustration. we got you in your money. we got you in your transportation. we got you in your food. your life style. your entire way of life is based on what the mob tells you to do. how to behave. what food tastes best. what movies to see. what to watch on the internet. everything you do is based on your reaction to the mob. and his has been this way since you were born. you live on Earth. In America. you have a job. you have relationships. but you are one of 6,000,000,000 people in the world. 6,000,000,000 individuals and counting. all needing places to work. services to provide. families to build and shelter. and the only way it can work is if we work together. competition is not the shining achievment of man that you pose it to be. it's merely a facet of the human experience. there's so much more to life then just competing. it's what are you competing for that's key.

you say competition. I say democracy. you say it's everyone keeping each other in check. I say its keeping everyone in check. you say its the best way to maintain liberty I say its the best way to maintain liberty. the only difference is that one idea . an "aristocracy" is backed by labor. and a "pleebocracy" is backed by choice.