what are the odds? a hundred to one they say. I gave her all my love and she took it all away and now I'm dying. I'm ugly and hungy. I probably smell bad too. my aching bones and weightless muscles. my crooked spine. the ceiling the walls. my heart. so ugly it hurts to even look at me. Like a drownded rat. crooked and tathered. someone should stomp on my head and put me out of my misery. but they won't even let me stomp on my Own head much less ask for some assistance. what's a dying hopeless never ending day dream nightmare waiting for? what's it all add up to? a whole bunch of nothing. Some scribling of a pen. Aliens and the Constitution. the military and an ant hill. hocus pocus. Gibberish I tell you. the mad bumblings of a nobody standing still. eyes wide open looking at the world. seeing the apple of its eye. and knowing full and well that there's no point in it. It's static on the television. It's a new website. it's cold and soggy chicken mcnuggets. thats the human soul. It's worthless. people wouldn't give you a dime for it if you tried to sell it on the street. which lots of folks do. they beg and moan and fight for every rotten nickel. in hopes of getting up enough change to be able to buy some cheap liqur to escape the hell of their exsitsence. hell on earth. It's everywhere. it's in pakistan. It's in a church in Egypt. It's in a brothel in bangledesh. It's in a social activist committee meeting where they stand around and do simple math on a chalk board and act is if they had rediscovered the atom and changed the Wheel. we're all here. and we're nowhere. No one knows we're here but us and the animals. and the animals are barely aware of anything beyond that they're hungry and they're bored. ao Eat and have fun.