a friend at work had told him about the agency. They had playing cards. pics of the girls on the front and their name and contact on the back. He thought on it for a couple of weeks before saying "ah what the hell. why not."

It was late. the door bell rang. he politely invited her in. She was beautiful. young but unhappy.

"so where do you wanna do this?" she asked.
"anywhere is fine" He half smiled.
"lead the way pops" she said smacking her gum.

he walked down the hall feeling her presence behind him. the undecorated walls leading to the room with only a bed and a dresser. he sat on the edge of the bed and pulled off his cut off shorts. "dance for me a little." he asked kindly.

"that'll cost you extra."
"that's extra huh.." he layed back in his half broken bed and reach with one hand over his head for his wallet to pull out a fifty.

"alright. start dancing" he said as he dropped the paper money on the floor before her feet.

"but there isn't any music." she said playfully.
"hit play on that radio over there" he instructed her smilingly.

she turned. her hair whisped. suddenly she was beautiful. just like it was before. when he was young. not really but he could pretend. it was easy to looking at her.

"which one is the play button?" she said acting ditsy. "oh I see it."

suddenly there was music. old rhythm and blues.

"this is what you listen to?" she said mocking him.
"yea." he said defensively.
"ok baby." being charming and motherly.

she started to sway. her hips slowly shifting side to side. with a kick. she turned around and slowly moved her hands down her sides onto her hips to her thighs. wistfully sliding her hands down her thighs, past her knees, till she was holding her ankles. she looked at him through her legs with a smile. "hi daddy" she let out a giggle as she stood up straight and turned around. she swayed back and forth a little. pulling her t shirt tight enough for her nipples to show. looking down at them and slowly looking up. he started to play with himself a little. watching her move, nothing really mattered. the money on the floor was irrelevant. he was with a beautiful young woman. and she was enjoying being with him.

"take your shirt off" he demanded.

she slowly pulled her white t shirt over the top of her head while still moving her hips to the music. a purple lace bra embracing what were perfect breasts. she whimsically dropped her shirt off to the side and started dancing again.

"so who is this I'm listening to?"
"lil hatch"
she Bursted out laughing "what kinda name is that?"
"you never heard of him?" he pretended to be surprised.
"i sure haven't baby." she acted aloof.

"stop talking. just dance for me." he said with charm.
"oo whatever you say."

she started earning her paycheck. she turned around and unbuttoned her tight short light blue shorts. pealing them off like they were sealed on.once to her thighs she let them drop to the floor. her magnificent pear shaped behind wrapped like a christmas present in purple lace panties.

"you want the light on or off?" she asked with her hand close to the switch
"its up to you" he shrugged.
"you're the boss here baby. so whatever you say goes."
"whatever I say goes eh? I like the sound of that." he said jokingly
"hey now. within reason." she raised one eye brow.
"so on or off?" she asked again.
"if it's alright with you I'd prefer we leave em on."
"its your money baby." she said as she climbed onto his little twin bed.

she sat up on her knees and started to unfasten her bra.

"wait wait...no so fast." he said putting one hand up.
"what baby?" she was puzzled.
"just...do it slowly." he said some what annoyed.
"like this?" she gave him her most cunning smile. she slowly unfasted the buckle in the back and shook her titties as the bra came loose.
"yea like that."
she belted out a genuine laugh lunging forward a little.

she rubbed her fingernail around on his chest. "I like you daddy" she said gently scratching him with the fingernail of her index finger. swirling it around his chest hair as if it were a maze. he looked up at her and she was his best friend. he'd marry her in that instant.

"can I touch you?"
"baby you can do whatever you want." she said with her chin down. she climbed up on his lap. he slowly put his hand on her shoulder and glided it down her arm. she was soft. soft and fragile. like a new born kitten in a childs arms. she giggled a little as they both got naked. "you're sweet daddy" she said as they went together through the night.

when it was over she stood there at the foot of his bed counting the money. she already had her clothes back on looking as she had when he first invited her in. he lit a cigarette.

"goin so soon?" he said kindly. a gentle longing in his voice.
"you know how it is. I'm a working girl"

and just like that they weren't best friends anymore. they didn't even know each others names. perfect strangers that just happened to be standing under the same roof. a completely meaningless affair.

"now you call me anytime." she said instructing him. trying to insure he wouldn't call no one else. this john was obviously desperate she thought. and he had loads of cash apparently.

"ok." he said feeling hurt by her professionalism.

and just like that she was out the door. two hundred and fifty dollars gone in just under an hour. it was silent. the tape had shut itself off long ago. he sat there taking drags off of his unfiltered cigarette and stared at the ceiling with his hand on his forehead. he reached for the remote to turn the tv on. news and weather. he flipped through the channels just a little. he hit the power button and turned the thing back off.

"ah fuck. what the hell?" he thought to himself. the house was so empty and vacant it made him feel like a ghost.