"i think we're in a bad part of town" my mother said. "all I see are mexicans." I looked at my mother as if she were the dumbest person on Earth. Here I had been brushing up on my spanish the entire trip and here she acts surprised that there were mexicans at the gas station.

we pulled around the corner and I was reading the numbers and knowing that I was close. I was in a state of disbelief though I wouldn't have admitted it at the time.

"This must be the place" I said acting cool.
"wow that's cute jess" my mom said in dismay.

I had finally arrived. I remember getting out of the car. She was standing there with her smile glowing in the hot california sun. She was happy to see me and our cat but mr. Jarvis was more interested in seeing the spread. The sun Shined through the windows so bright it turned the blue carpet white. It was a spanish style home. very cozy. We quickly took to unloading my junk into the house. my books. my cds. my albums. my guitars. my tv. my movies.

the house was vacant though she'd been living there for over a month. ah to imagine her alone in that home of ours. vacant and spotless. the sun shining down on her through the blinds. her eyes closed peacefully resting with a confidence and serenity that we both had been fighting for for so long. what an angel.

We made love that night on the bedless floor. the sound of my mother snoring assuring us that we had privacy. I kissed her with a longing that had been building up in me for months. I held her down and let it all out. finally it had all come true. all the loneliness and anxious nights had all been Worth it. it was all for good reason. something in my life had finally turned out Right. We didn't have any money and we didn't know what the future would bring but it didn't matter because we had each other and it was true. and we showed each other all night.

Oh it was all so brand new.

we took my mom to san francisco the next morning for some sightseeing and seafood. it was all good. later that night when we got home we watched "the swimmer" and I laughed like I hadn't laughed in ages. I was happier then I ever imagined I could be. How in the world could a guy like me had ended up so lucky. to have a beautiful woman and a home to call my own. We took my mom over to her moms house for a meet and greet. everyone acted kindly though there were obvious cultural differences between parties. her mother cooked some beef on the barbeque and it was so tough that none of us could hardly chew. though we chewed anyways.

we went home. my mother stayed for a week before she took to the skies towards my old home town. After she'd left it sunk in. this was my new home. we had a retired couple across the street who's lawn was pristine and they had flowers that they obsessed over. and a NAZI skinhead next door that stood outside all day next to his truck so he could listen to the most god awful punk rock you'd never want to listen.
and me and my girl. and the hot california sun. it was heaven.

though they were fleeting those were the best moments of my life.