I'm just a tired old man sitting on my porch. and then I see you walk up my steps. I say hear kitty kitty. you meow and cautiously approach. once you get to my feet I pet your back and ask you "where you been?" I don't really care where you been. cuz your back now. and I'm just a tired old man. and you're just a stray kitty. here have some milk. have some tuna. we can watch the sunset together with your free meal. you rub up against my leg but I know better then to pick you up. cuz you're weary and frail. So I'll just pet you and let you be. Isn't the sunrise beautiful kitty? can you see it as clearly as I do? you just want that tuna. eat eat away. there's plenty more where that came from. Why do you leave kitty? I feed you I give you milk. what's out there in them streets that entices you so? what calls you out into that wild? you've got scars kitty. did you Ever have a home? or was it always like this for you? roaming from front door to front door. meowing for charity. begging for food home by home. person to person. what would you do without me kitty? Your fur is dirty. and the pits of your eyes are full of gunk. a mangy critter indeed. but you know what love is. and when I see your waggly tail and your gentle steps coming in my direction I know you've got some for me.