you're too innocent baby. I need Darkness. I need insanity! the crazier the better. that's why I end up falling for these women. cuz I'm Crazy. and so I seek to find the craziest one on Earth. because if She's crazy and I'm crazy. well then we're not crazy anymore now are we? no we're sane. the World is crazy. the world doesn't make sense. the World holds us in a cup and swishes us around. like the break in a game of pool. none of it makes any sense. the chaos that surrounds us. But you do baby. You make Perfect sense to me. you make all the sense in the world. to Not love you would be insane. to not recognize that you have all the truth and wisdom of a thousand years of culminated thoughts would be a human tragedy. and it's all natural. you're just born that way. crazy like me. twisted and scarred. maimed and disembodied. tortured and distraught. looking at a world with No concern. No concern for anything. it just stands there like a rock. Like the moon. no reason. no contemptuous fallacy. no glorious endeavors. just a dumb meaningless rock that knows nothing hears nothing shows nothing but scars. scars of time. battered and bruised. led crookedly. but she's crazy. crazy like me. and that makes that big gray rock come alive. it makes everything come alive. it makes a million years of evolution worth while. all you fuckers can go to Hell. cuz there she is! I found her and I aint letting go. brick by brick. I'll build an impenetrable fort and hold my treasures dear. hold it up for everyone on the other side to see. to show them that I won. they did everything they could to take it from me but I got mine. and now that it's mine I'll live forever in this tomb of reprisal.