8:59 AM |

consummated oct. 1976
born july 1977
8 weeks old blue river flood
country living
partying parents
piano lesson sabotage
pop dies
parents split
she remarries
wesley dies in a car accident at age 6
almost die from stomach problems hospitalized for 8 weeks
stokes/James family/scout/comics
first guitar (memphis)
punk rock
burn church/ James goes to jail
quit school
leave home/schmidt/philips family
first car at 17 "mellow yellow"
Chris gets out of jail inherit home
bad acid trip / rehab
drugs/music left/organized static
move to the city
grandma ara dies
mom and her husband have a hard time
move out move in with dear old dad
take music more seriously/studying instruments
dad reprimanded at work / his best friend passes away
dead meat
move to st louis
squat in dilapidated apt / girls = met a girl from california
fell in love
guitar got stolen
end all other relationships
visit sf
she moves in with me
adopt jarvis
disability denied
friend gets home from college
she moves back home
hevy duty explodes/implodes on the scene in kc
start old hack
move to california
get ssi
legal marijuana
old hack explodes on the scene
I become entrenched in politics
everything's going amazingly well
get the call my dads got terminal cancer
everything goes on the shelf
he fights for a year
I see him twice for about a month at a time
grammy gets a brain tumor
5 months later she passes
sister takes everything
i lose my mind
trapped in the suburbs
play shows for small crowds for no money
occasionally play a show in sf.
her friend intervenes
relationship falls apart
health worsens
best friend dies of heroin overdose
she leaves on my birthday
move to oakland
quit playing music
start studying literature
start writing

how are you?
How'd you get here?
what took you so long?
did you find the place ok?
what can I do for you
well than what can you do for me?
are you feeling alright?
is everything, ok?
did you miss me?
well I'm back now.
here forever.
hope everything's ok.
ok than.
see you later.
let me know if you need anything
I'll be here.