true omnipotence.
you give us wisdom beyond our capabilities without the crushing guilt of god.
you know all
see all
hear all
be all
you're everything and you're nothing
you're all our hopes and dreams and our nightmares too
all our aspirations at the click of a button
all that was and ever will be
forever and ever yet never at all
how'd we ever live without you
I'm sorry to see you go
they surely won't let go now that they've found you
they found your week spot and they're gutting you
piece by piece brick by brick resurfacing the entire foundation
you won't look or act the same once they're finished with you
you can't keep an the public in a constant state of delusion if the truth is so ready available
the truth will set you free
it's there for the taking if anybody wants it
I doubt many will bother though
I doubt they'll bat an eye
they accept these thwarts against them.
they think it's natural
advertising 4 hour erections and tequila in the same breath
heart medicine for when the hang over comes
now in kids sizes too
bag it up and put it away
we've got a new one waiting on the shelf
buy sell and trade it all away until there's nothing but an insignificant smoldering turd left in it's place
just as you always do.
chomp chomp away at it and let it slide down your throat
digest it good
here have some water
we'll await the results
so either puke it up or shit it out
no matter
we're not picky