for God and Country along with anything else we can think of to make you shut up and get in line. shut up and eat your rations. be thankful that you even get that. shut up and pay your taxes. We've got bombs that need fueling. don't you know there's a war going on? well than shut up and do your part to keep it going. they're fighting for you. shut up and get a job. every man has to pull his own weight. shut up and vote. Washington is hard at work. shut up and pay your rent. and don't give me any bullshit about how you can't afford it. You'll pay or else. we have enough people out on the streets as it is. shut up and do your time. pay the fine or do the time. you just shouldn't have gotten caught is all.

love your country or you'll burn in hellfire and damnnation forever and ever amen

i love my country but my country doesn't love me. it doesn't love me when i'm sick. it doesn't love me when I'm late on the rent. It doesn't love me when my kids are starving. it doesn't love me when I try and try to perform to their liking but can never quite get it right. It doesn't love me when I have drugs in my pocket. It doesn't love me when I stand up for myself. it just wants and what it wants it takes and if you fight back you'll have the force of the entire state coming down on you so fast you won't know what hit you till you're sitting in the county jail with your head between your knees getting reamed by a 12 inch black dick on a nightly basis. god bless America.

i just want to be left alone and you can't even do that. take everything all at once. rip it all away. take it all and loan it back to me piece by piece. till I earn back everything you stole from me with interest.

i hear the bullets fire. celebrating their independence. free at last free at last. free to rob loot and steal and run over anyone who dares get in our way.