Hank made me realize that there's a music in language. I always knew there was like when you watch a film. the notes the actors use in how they accentuate each word is music. They sing every line. Deniro is a great example of that. I heard when he gets a script he gets out a chalk board and note for note word by word he writes the music of the language. He rehearses which word goes where and how and when and why. we're all singing a song. when you hear a guitar or a piano it speaks to your soul. when you read the words it speaks to your mind and spirit. And if you can tune in to the music in how we speak words scream to the human spirit. words splash water on your face and say "get up you lazy bum. You're Alive. You've got one more day. now get out there and get something done while you still can"

but the birds are singing to the deaf. we haven't even begun to unwrap the mystery and here we are on the edge of dissolving it. trying to cure it. as if life's mysteries were a plague on humanity. as if the mystery is in some way keeping us from our potential as human beings. as if all this just happened by magic and there's some great cause that it symbolizes. I remember seeing footage of Keith Richards. He was sitting on an airplane and someone was sticking a camera in his face and of course asking him what the trick is. They always think that there's some trick to it some illusion. like the creator has some magic bag of mojo stashed away in his home and all he has to do is rub on it a little and the words magically just appear on paper or the song just magically makes it way on to the tape. Keith very plainly said as he was plucking on his guitar "you never do quite figure it out"

dont throw away the dream trying to find the answer. dont answer the question because the question is begging to be asked. its the wonderment the fanciful the confusion the chaos that makes us who we are. Not the solutions we ponder on. it's the question that makes us go on living. without the question there is No answer.