...and to those who believe in long shot candidates and third party's I say why do you trust Kucinich or Ron Paul more then you trust yourselves? Mike is the only politician in the 21st century to make an issue of the fact that the congress is broken and completely sold out to wall street. Only way to break the cycle of corruption is to cut out the middle man and demand a federal referendum. Kucinich is politics as usual. "vote for me and I'll make a change" when as one congressman he's powerless against the corporate oligarchy that our representative government has become.

when you finally get tired of representative government and you want to live by American law as oppose to corporate American law then start fighting for a federal referendum. IRAQ has a federal referendum for gods sake. We gave them more freedom then we ourselves enjoy!!!

now is the time. When the food riots start, when homelessness destroys our cities, when the police state starts to surround you. the only way you'll ever be able to defeat them is when you confront the feds by uniting with your fellow countrymen and demand the right to have your voice be heard by initiating a federal ballot initiative to mandate law by popular vote. Throw out the middle man and become your own congressman. become your own senator become your own president. HOLD THEM RESPONSIBLE. Take responsibility and share it with your homeland.