damn it we almost had it. the day after the election I was walking around and there really was a different attitude in the air. black people looked up more. the sun was shining. smiles everywhere. "thank you have nice day". a gleem of relief was overwhelmingly apparent. everyone had lightened up. we were all on an even kilt. A black president. wow. Who saw that coming? but here it is. We're all the same. we've all got a chance to make it to the top.

and then...

reality came screeching back with a bullet. I was oblivious to the story even though I ride the bart almost daily. I tend to only watch my world news and Oakland news is so dreary with corporate hijackings of old establishments and san francisco is such a drag with googles rent raising fiasco that its all too depressing to read. Don't want anything to askew my idea of the city I'm wandering around in. It seems like such a wonderful place.

but things were different. everyone was overtly rude. disappointed. pissed off. humiliated. we couldn't do it. not even just for one day. some dumb asshole with handcuffs and a gun had to go and ruin the whole fucking thing. some shmuck that doesn't know anything about anything that just likes his jelly donuts and feeling tough had to go and stomp on our new glasses. I had no idea what the deal was till I started hearing sirens and protests outside my window. thats when i turned on the local news and saw that there was literally a riot going on like 6 blocks down the street.

since then I've heard a lot of gun fire. lot of cops. every ones uneasy. sucks.

but then again. we all got to dream even if just for a few moments. even if we all know it was just a dream.