Leo goes on to say he's a big fan of Monty Clift which is one of my favorite studio actors ever since I found out that off screen he was a real whack job. I like all them old studio fuckers. On Screen they all play these well off stable rounded individuals but off screen they were all misfits of the most sorted detail. burt lancaster, rock hudson, steve McQueen, Paul Newman. you know back when hollywood was worth paying attention to. now a days its all bells and whistles. its getting to the point where I can't watch hardly anything modern. the glossy lenses and the over punctuated coloring and the hurried acting etc etc. its all crap. the most modern I get is 80s which I think is where hollywood left it's nut sack. Eastwood, Tom Atkins, David Patrick Kelly. Eastwood's Gran Torino is by far the most relevant film of our time and yet it's not even being recognized in Any regard by the establishment. real shame. that box should be covered in ribbons.