this is some scary shit. apparently blackwater has their own CIA now called "intelligence solution" or some shit like that. They're a private international corporation. As they're finally forced out of Iraq now that they've completely fucked up what little good the soldier on the ground was trying to accomplish they're now going global. and corporate. Apparently they've offered to be a secret service type apparatus for billionaires. Guess now that everyone's losing their homes they might be needed to keep the satanist hedge fundees safe from the angry mob that is the American workforce.

but the scariest development is that they're acting as a private CIA and meddling with classified military intelligence. So that is essentially putting our national intelligence on the market. taking all the info we have on all the nations that we have conflicting interests with and offering it up to the highest bidder. this is the defining moment of Eisenhower's warning coming to fruition. how a for-profit war industry can and will undermine our stability as a nation.