If texas ever became it's own nation they'd be the first to start rounding "undesirables" up and putting them in concentration camps. which they did in the civil war. All that hot air that comes from Alex Jones about how the federal government is this evil empire, while that is true, it's nothing compared to how brutal the laws would become if texas were allowed the freedom to not have to live in accordance with the rest of the countries moral compass.

See while I do understand the ideals behind the secessionist movement where we disagree is that they don't trust average Americans either. There's nothing wrong with being proud of where you came from but the way I see it is that we are all Americans and that if we could break the chains of representative government and just be a free nation free to vote on the laws we choose to live by this place would be a much happier place. Secessionists one fault is that they think they can trust they're local officials. Like Ron Paul for instance. He's got 30,000,000 dollars. where's that money now? where was that money during the race? he bought some radio ads and some tv ads that couldn't have cost him more then a couple thousand to produce. Where'd all that money go? I'll tell you where. It went straight into his pocket. yet people stand in line just to see a glimpse of him like he's a rock star or something. I on the other hand don't trust any of them. I have my own ideals and I stand by them. It's not that I dont trust anyone it's that I don't trust politicians. I firmly believe that governance is not neerly as complicated as they make it seem. For the most part it's as a friend said after I was finished interviewing Mike Gravel "It's just common sense".