first question I have for John C Reilly is would he be doing a musical about gay marriage if not for prop 8? just cuz he feels so passionate about gays being allowed to be married. the answer is Of course not. but yet because of prop 8 we have an entire country having to read headlines about the perverts in san francisco trying to take over the world. and it gets people talking. the more people talk the more reasonable they become. when you ask someone a question you get an answer. so the only way you're ever going to get people to even talk about the issues is if you actually give them the right to voice their oppinion and it actually Mean something.

(anyways. here's an excerpt of a friendly discussion between me and this other fellow about direct democracy versus incorporated representative governance......)

you have to go around the government completely like California did to bring about our prop system.

ARE YOU KIDDING? - HAVE YOU EVER TALKED to a CA voter? Watch my video of election night - I WAS IN CA on election night - TWO WORDS: PROP 8

How do you explain it when the majority wants to allow Gay marraige and yet prop 8 passes with 56% - and now there is a BIG mess on their hands because Jerry Brown Knows that most people wer agaisnt prop 8 - but it still passed

Why? - because over 10 million people in CA DID NOT VOTE

so - everything comes down to LACK OF PARTICIPATION

I am a California voter and while you talk about prop eight you know what else we voted on? We got a god damn bullet train being built with tax dollars that'll go 160 mph and give people across the entire state access to jobs. California's gonna be sitting pretty in about 5 years because of it. and you know what else WE THE PEOPLE enacted into law? we outlawed chicken factory farms. so now everyone in cali gets to eat good healthy chickens instead of chickens full of steroids and antibiotics. so yea

so why cant we have a national vote? because of prop 8? even though if we had a nation wide prop for a bullet train it would make the entire country rich and end the oil wars? oh but gotta watch out for the gays. lets stay living under a corporate dictatorship cuz some mormons and gays started a public debate... Think man think.

the reason why 10,000,000 out of 40,000,0000 or 1/4th of california didn't vote is either because they're lazy, or they're ignorant, or they are smart enough to know that they can't trust the system. props are put up by representative government. its for that reason that no one wants to participate. once you learn that we Could be participating directly if every social activist committee stood in solidarity is both liberating yet deeply frustrating.


Direct democracy is mob rule, or tyranny of the majority over the minority...a Constitutionally limited republic is the only form of government that stands a chance of resisting corruption. The Framers' checks and balances were insufficient, though...once the power of government grows to the point where it can affect market outcomes in any way using brute force, that's when people can (and inevitably will) use government policy to rig the game and enrich themselves at the expense of others.

what we're talking about is the "rule of law" so since we all have to live according the "law" would you rather hire some Smaller Mob that only look after the business sector because they're hired by them or would you rather trust ordinary Americans who have their own interests , which are Your Interests, at heart. what we're really talking about is do you want America to be a free nation or do you want us to have a free government and a subordinate citizenry.

"government is not the solution to our problem. government Is the problem" thats either a plea to Anarchism or an endorsement of a national initiative/federal referendum process.