sitting around waiting for some shadowy doctor to surgically put a chip in your arm. they already got you in your cell phones. You're defending yourself against a phantom. They got you in your car cuz they've got the oil. they've got you in your grocery store cuz they grow the food and own the McDonalds. They got you in your shopping cuz they've got the wal marts. I'm sick to death of these stupid conspiracies cuz it just shows how NAIVE the public is.

So all these morons going around warning people about the illuminati's plans. GET WISE cuz it's all phantasy. It's like CNN. it's entertaining news. It's bullshit basically. Cuz while these one world government, new world order, government conspiracies of world domination are completely ridiculous there ARE grand plans of world domination by the neocons. But it's all so obvious and everyone KNOWS so it's lost its luster over the years so now they gotta ratchet it up to make it more interesting. The truth is everything that's wrong with America is the CONSUMERS fault. it's our fault because we buy the oil. We go kill a million people so we can have NASCAR and burn the fuel up as fast as possible driving around in a circle REALLY fast. We buy Mcdonalds so end up promoting factory farms where animals are tortured and confined in small spaces which makes their "natural gas" and "sewage" more pollutant. We shop at Wal MArt which promotes slave labor and human rights abuses. Everything these conspiracy theorists are telling you is all the governments fault... you need not look any further then your own back yard.

Mike Gravel kicked up some gravel when this video surfaced about a national ID card but all he was really doing was telling the Truth. And while the truth may not be as exciting to listen to as stories about FEMA concentration camps and surgically implanted tracking devices. The truth is more important because it's based on REALITY