garbage like this is distracting you from a million better bands. It looks like a fucking LEVI's commercial! i left some negative feedback for its assembly of flys to regurgitate on.

628,000 views for what? So some corporate crap produced by some rich piece of shit can get even richer?
If it sounds good, which it does.
You sound like a faggot.
you look like a retard
no u
you're the one that listen to corporate garbage. not me
Oh wow, your such a rebel!! You listen to shitty underground bands. You are so cool! Why do you think those bands are underground? It's because no one wants to listen to them because they suck.
you don't have to be a rebal to know good music. You just have to have taste
Can you tell me what's wrong with this song? What makes it garbage?
its garbage because its over polished and over produced bullshit written by rich bastards in hollywood that have think tanks and write this crap for one sole reason. It sells. Not because it's good, not because it's relevant, because it makes Money. and that's all.
So you hate the way that it's made, but the intentions aside, what makes it a bad song?
they're underground because they're not phony posers that are just a face and a dance to some corporate nonsense thats being advertised and marketed as music. they're underground because they're actually musicians. they're underground because they don't have billion dollar ad campaigns to get suckers like you to eat from their troth
They're underground because no one likes them.

YOU sir are lacking the ability to even go beneath the surface of the song. The lyrics are basically a metaphor of how anyone would sometimes prefer to go at things alone, but want to have someone with them. The band tends to do awkward things with their music, so it makes you think.

everything's a fucking metaphor. you have to interpret the lyrics as something more then what they are so it'll actually mean something because the lyrics are fucking tired ass liniage of think tanks interpretation of youth culture. its all a sham. its a commercial with an invisibleproduct because it's selling a human being.