thats why Joe Biden is a GREAT Vice President because he can back up Obamas ideas with experience and help him be efficient and realistic. What the fuck kind of ad is this? so McCain is saying he approves of Joe Bidens abilities enough to remind people that he would run with him HIMSELF if given the chance? Or that Biden is enough of a threat that the very DAY that it's announced they're so threatened that they IMMEDiATELY release an attack ad within moments of people learning of this arrangement?

I mean what the fuck. John McCain is a fucking coward that will do or say ANYTHING to get to be the dickhead in charge. and GOD help us if he does manage to steal it the way they've all been stolen in the last DECADE of elections.

Not to mention Bidens racial slurs which will make the good ol boys in the rebel red states more comfortable with voting for a black guy.

"yea I dont know bout electing some colored fella but if a good fella like ol Joe is willing to back him up then I's guess he's as good as any."

honestly the first thing that came to my mind is that Joe's gonna end up being another LBJ if you catch my drift. Probably end up goin back into Cambodia as well. meaning Fallujah. and without a draft that means a full on black water assault which is completely unregulated and unaccountable to us except for if we try to sue them . Which one family member I think has already tried because their son/husband was killed due to lack of protective gear in an extremely volatile and deeply riddled part of the world, basically a suicide mission.

and with Blackwater being unregulated that means no press.(like there is any now)
which means no accountability which means they can dump barrels of toxic waste on them and no one will no.

Cuz Bidens plan (which to me sounds reasonable) is to federalize Iraq into 3 states. The Kurds are down. The Shiites are committing ethnic cleansing though on the sunnis and Saudi Arabia is funding Sunnis warring capabilities. Which we as a nation give BILLIONS to to fund our SUV's and tanks. So it looks too much like Vietnam where we tried to federalize into a north and south. The south by force and espionage. ah fuck ya know?

if this country would vote on the war instead of American idol and demand that their vote become law then we could gut this pig and that'd be that. we'd be done with it. but electing these crooked bullshit artist chronies to do everything for us is like handing someone you KNOW you don't trust a gun and then asking them not to shoot you.